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Underground Tape

E.    Detectable and Non-detectable Underground Tape

Description: Detectable and non-detectable warning tape is designed for the protection, location and identification of underground utility installations. CID non-adhesive polyethylene Underground Tape is a simple, economical way to protect buried utility lines.  Vivid color-coded underground tapes quickly warn excavation crews of the existence of buried pipes and cables before damage can occur. Avoid the problem of costly dig-ins to locate buried, non-metallic cables and pipelines with our Detectable Underground Tape. Providing you with double protection, this tape is easily located with an industrial grade non-ferrous metal detector before you dig, while it’s highly visible colors make it easy to locate after the dig has begun.
Standard Sizes/Dimension: Available in 3" x 1000' and 6" x 1000' lengths from stock or other widths available by special order. These tapes are printed with many stock legends or can be printed with your own custom wording. Meets APWA recommended color codes.
Installation: Underground tape should be installed 12"-18" below ground level and 12" directly above buried pipes, cables and conduits, before final backfilling. Installation of underground tape should be supervised by a professional or authority concerned with the proper use of the product.
Specifications: Consists of a nominal 4.0 mil overall thickness inert plastic film formulated to resist degradation due to acid and alkalies found in soils. Product is also lead-free. Printed with a black legend on standard APWA colors, our Aluminum Foil tape is double laminated for extra protection. Conforms to the following Specifications:
•    NTSB-PSS-73-1
•    GSA Public Buildings Service Guide
•    American Gas Association 72-D-56
•    API RP 1109
•    OSHA 1926.956 (c) (1)
•    APWA Uniform Color Code
•    DOT Office of Pipeline Safety USAS B31.8
•    Federal Gas Safety Regulations S 192-321 (e)
Colors Available: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple