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Elmdor Access Doors

Description: Chesapeake Identification Products, Inc. is proud to be the regional distributor of Elmdor Access Doors. Manufactured by Elmdor Manufacturing Company, the Company was founded on the principles of efficient design and the highest quality production standards. Achieving these goals has established Elmdor as a leader in the marketplace.
CIP Elmdor access doors and roof flashing are made from pre and post-consumer recycled stainless steel material. Fixtures made from this material are virtually indestructible, and provide many years of maintenance-free service. Plus, at the end of their long life, materials are in turn recyclable. This stainless steel “footprint” results in a net savings to the environment as well as providing a long-term monetary savings for customers. Visit www.elmdorstoneman.com for more information about Elmdor access doors.